Android Casino Apps

You are going to come across two different types of Android Casino Apps, and you do need to be aware of the differences between those on offer at places such as the Google Play Store and those you can download from various different websites.

The first type of App you will find is a free to play App. However, when you are playing these types of Casino Apps whilst you will be able to play initially for free, you will be given the option of making purchases when logged into the App, these purchases will be for additional free play credits.

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Free play credits are exactly that, you will, in exchange for your real money purchase, be issued with a set of free play credits on which you cannot and will not ever be able to win real cash prizes from those credits.

The second type of Casino App you will come across is from a site offering a real money Casino App, when you make a deposit and purchase of credits into one of these types of sites such as the Vegas Paradise Casino, you will have the chance of winning for real with those purchased credits.

You will however be also able to play the range of games via these Apps for free and will never be required to pay for free play credits when accessing them, as you can always top up your credits for free whenever you have run out of them!

It would therefore make sense for you to play at one of those latter named sites such as Vegas Paradise Casino as you will be getting the best of both worlds and will never be forced to buy free play credits on which you can never win anything!

Choosing an Android Casino App

Below we have put together a checklist to help you select a perfect Android Casino App, whilst you will often find reviews by people who have utilized any App listed and available at the Google Play Store for example, you should always treat those reviews warily, as you never know who actually wrote them!

By using this checklist and adding any additional features, wants or requirements of your own then you will be able to make a much more informed choice as to which ones to download and install and which ones to leave well alone!

Choice of Games – You will often find some Apps which are described as Casino Apps are only going to give you access to one type of casino game. It will therefore be pointless you downloading an App if you like playing slot games for example only to find the App you have just download only contains Video Poker games or Card Games!

So with this in mind have a look through the description of the App and make sure the games you are looking to play are available in plentiful numbers, the more games any Casino App offers you then the less likely you are of getting tired of playing those games over and over again!

Free Play Credits – You should have an unlimited amount of free play credits available when playing on any Casino App. Any App which will force you to purchase additional free play credits when you have run out of them should be avoided.

Some mobile casino sites will give you something known as a no deposit bonus when you sign up to their Casino App. These free credits will allow you to play their games at no risk but have the chance of winning real money, but always make sure you follow the rules of those bonuses!

New Games – You may soon get bored of playing on some Casino Apps, more so if they only have a limited choice of games and do not regularly update it with new ones. Casino Apps such as the Vegas Paradise Casino App for example have a large range of games from various different suppliers, and are always adding brand new games to it, which guarantees you will never get bored of playing the same old games every time you launch the App!

Permissions – You will not want the App you have downloaded having access to every single part of your mobile device. So it is important to make sure you know just what permissions you are agreeing to when you download any App onto your Android device.

If the App requires permissions to access every part of your device you have to wonder why it needs them, so if you are ever in any doubt as to which Casino App to download and you come across one that requires access to various parts of your device it shouldn’t need then do not download that App!

Size of Download – As you will not want to use up all of the storage space on your Android device always double check just how big the Casino App is, for some of them can use up a lot of your devices storage space! Also keep in mind the initial size of the App is often going to increase as you download the actual games inside the App or when additional new games are launched onto the App!

Random Games – For the most life like gaming session you need to ensure the Casino App you are playing on offers completely fair games. This may sound a strange requirement more so if you are playing games for free, but many Casino Apps will initially be set up to give you lots of initial winning spins on their slot games and loads of winning hands when playing card games, and they do this to give you the feeling of invincibility!

When you finally run out of credits then you are more tempted to buy a set of free play credits at such sites as you will be under the impression you will get just as good a playing session with those purchased credits, however the opposite is often true and your credits will soon run out as the games then revert to playing with tiny payout percentages or massive house edges!